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Oasis Travel Agency

Oasis Travel and Tours is a company that

provides high quality tours and services

in Eritrea at an excellent price.

We promise your trip will be one to remember.


Meet the staff

Our tour operator, drivers and guides are all well trained, experienced and executive tour operators customizing your trip and guides to accompany you, with an extensive knowledge and experience travelling throughout the country. Oasis Travel and Tours guides, drivers, staffs have an intimate knowledge of the country and the local community. The company has a small family atmosphere conducive to offering the very best in personal service.

Your itinerary

Oasis Travel and Tours prepares itineraries to perfectly match our clients’ needs. We have the knowledge

and experience to design the perfect package be it on a budget or wanting the height of luxury.

Transport and Equipment

All our vehicles are excellently suited for Eritrea's varied climate, road conditions and terrain.Fast two motor boat for Island trips, and mini-buses all in excellent condition.

All camping gear – tents, sleeping bags and mattresses – are in excellent condition.


-Eritrea is an exciting place to visit with some of the most beautiful beaches in the country. Our most popular tours include Asmara ,the capital city Tours with all its beautiful architecture , Keren, the green belt Filfil and its Adventures, The old city of Massawa ,also known as the hidden jem and its ruins. The Archeological sites. The old steam train,cruize to the islands and lot more of history,nature and must see sites.

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